2020 Summer edition Edition

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As borders have been opening around the globe, it has been an interesting exercise in seeing what destinations are doing when it comes to promoting themselves in the “new normal”.

Announcing that one is “open for business again” just doesn’t cut it. And while some have not gone further than to announce basic reopening, others have been highly innovative and creative in their promotional ideas and campaigns to attract tourists back to their destinations. For some, like Venice, the future must be different to the past. It’s the opportunity to press the reset button and promote a whole new kind of tourism based on quality rather than quantity. Thailand has been extremely active, pumping over US$700m into tourism promotion.

Switzerland has launched an idea to give residents vouchers to spend in hotels and restaurants. Macao has launched new local tourism routes. Sarawak’s tourism ministry is giving incentive money to local travel agents in order to get people out and about. In Cancun, Mexico, local authorities are offering a free night for every two purchased in local hotels. Bulgaria is opening private beaches to the public. And a hotel operator in Las Vegas has even been offering free air tickets (one way) to bring in tourists. Dynamism, new ideas and creativity in the approach are now more than ever essential when it comes to bringing in new business. For our part, in the following pages, we offer a glimpse of some great new initiatives in the field of tourism in general, with a special spotlight on Asia-Pacific. We hope it will come in useful!

Richard Barnes – Editor-in-chief