Sarawak – an open book for tourism

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Destination Borneo, and more particularly the Malaysian state of Sarawak, evokes a number of images for people today: a wild land… the domain of the orangutan… the numerous Dayak indigenous cultures… virgin rainforest… the extraordinary history of Sarawak’s “White Rajahs”. Indeed, Sarawak today still has all of that, but also boasts a tourism offering that is evolving quickly, while seeing the application of a strict policy ensuring eco-responsibility and sustainability.

One cannot say Sarawak has everything. No, it doesn’t have skyscrapers, it doesn’t have multi-lane traffic jams, it doesn’t have thick smog haze, and it certainly doesn’t have overtourism. Sarawak remains very much an open book when it comes to tourism, in a good sense, as the state authorities have been able to look at best and worst-case scenarios in other parts of Southeast Asia, and plan accordingly to ensure tourism in this state heads in the right direction.

With a new CEO since late 2018, in the person of Sharzede Datu HJ Salleh Askor, Sarawak Tourism Board is honing strategies for promotion and infrastructure improvement with a view to developing international tourism. This is being done in such a way as to benefit local communities, while delivering unforgettable experiences – truly adding value – through a new multi-pronged plan covering culture, adventure, nature, food and festivals (CANFF).

This SMARTguide aims to be a veritable “decision-making tool” for the travel professional, delivering important destination news and new ideas when it comes to planning travel to this place. We are sure you will find it to be extremely valuable for all those in the travel planning business.

Richard Barnes, Editor-in-Chief, Cleverdis