Destination Sarawak – as seen by travel professionals


We are recognising a growing trend towards individual quality tours. Sustainability is becoming more and more important. Also, tours combining several different countries or destinations are popular. An example might be Singapore combined with a nature and wildlife experience in Sarawak/Borneo.
As a specialist for individual tailor-made quality tours to Asia, Oriental countries and Indian Ocean we are always looking for untouched destinations off the beaten track. Sarawak is truly one of these natural gems and fits perfectly in our portfolio. Private tours to the National Parks including trekking tours in the rainforest, wildlife observation and experience of the great variety of culture are just some of the highlights, Sarawak has a lot to offer, and an increasing number of our clients are attracted to exploring the destination every year.

Photo: Michael Metzner, CEO Tischler Reisen AG, Germany



Gary Speldewinde Director – Ecogreen Holidays, Kuching, Sarawak

Ecotourism is a major trend today. People want to find out more about the country, the culture, the cuisine, and the indigenous people; but to do this, you need somebody in the field who knows the ropes. We prefer to organise tours where people actually live in a village and stay with the local inhabitants.

… We have just signed with a new online portal in Europe: a site launched at the end of February 2020. They focus on ethnic tribes of different countries. With them, we are developing tours of up to 12 days, learning about the lifestyle of the local communities. There is so much to learn that it would be impossible to do so in one’s entire lifetime, but with a tour like this, people can really see a lot!

SMGSA_p06_Philip Yong

Philip Yong Co-founder and Managing Director, Borneo Adventure

Sarawak exceeds expectations. On the surface, we could advertise about culture, nature and adventure, but there is a whole lot more than that. There’s food, there are festivals, there is an incredible variety, and the layering of so many things, and that is a bonus. I think we do have some stunning places. Kuching still has a bit of an old city laid-back charm; Mulu is spectacular… it always takes my breath away.
There are a variety of things people can do. For example, we can take people to see Orangutans in the wild. Not many people have done that. You can see them in the zoo. But there are probably less than ten thousand people who have seen Orangutans in their natural habitat in Sarawak. There is something for everyone – families, adventure travellers or couples.