According to Amistad Partners, while we know that today’s travellers are wanting new and unique experiences, tried and tested destinations in North America have shown they have lasting power. Orlando, Las Vegas and New York all remain incredibly popular with North American tourists as well as international tourists. In fact, research by Expedia shows that a majority of American travellers prefer to travel domestically (82%). From an international perspective, Chinese travel to Las Vegas has been rising sharply in past years, while the growth of low-cost airline routes from Europe to the US is also making it possible for cost-conscious Europeans to visit the country.

A boom in business for Mexico and the Caribbean: The most popular reason for travel for American and Canadian tourists is to relax, so unsurprisingly there has been a resurgence of interest to the Caribbean and Mexico.

Crazy about Canada: Last year was named the Canada-China Year of Tourism, and the nation is doing its utmost to encourage Chinese tourists to visit. With Chinese inbound travel to Canada increasing year-on-year for the past few years, this is set to continue for the foreseeable future, as tourists flock to Toronto, Niagara Falls, Vancouver, Montreal and Quebec City.

Latin America trending: Latin America has become one of the most attractive continents in the tourism sector. Short trips between markets there have become a trend and will grow exponentially in the coming years. The most recent study conducted by Axon Marketing & Communications on travel trends in Latin American markets reveals a positive environment for the sector, despite the effect of the increase in the price of the dollar in some countries.

Photo: Glacier Skywalk Panorama, Canada