Signature’s 2019 conference is planned for 2-5 December at the Mandalay Bay convention center, with the central theme this year being “Elevate”.

Signature’s must-attend event of the year brings together over 2,400 travel industry professionals, including Signature travel advisors, managers and agency owners, and our worldwide preferred partners to meet, network and learn from each other. The theme aims to incite members to “rise to a higher standard, position, or state of being”.

“At Signature, it’s our goal to elevate each of our members so that they can offer their clients a new level of service and products, as well as a differentiated travel experience,” says Katrina Petty, Coordinator, Communications & Marketing, speaking of the event, adding, “Elevating their personal brands can be the key to enacting tremendous positive growth. Signature continues to elevate our portfolio of offers, so that our members may leverage and personalize our innovative technology solutions, and state-of-the-art marketing programs to promote a more refined, uplifting message for the year ahead. The sky is the limit.”

Conference highlights include:

  • Keynote Speaker: Kindra Hall – “The Irresistible Power of Strategic Story Telling”
  • Luxury Sales: Ignacio Maza will deliver two different sessions and share his insights into the top destinations for sophisticated travellers in 2020.
  • Focused Travel: New workshop sessions include River Cruising, Family Travel, Honeymoon/Romance Travel, Active/Adventure, Expedition Cruising and LGBTQ+ Travel.
  • Technology: Sessions on Signature’s new Cruise Booking Engine – powered by Odysseus, Digital Communications Tool – powered by Kipsu, Pocket Travel – powered by AXUS, ClientBase and more.
  • Gala Dinner and LIGHT Nightclub

Overall, 2019 has so far been the best year in Signature’s history, and, according to Group President and CEO Alex Sharpe, 2020 looks “as good or better”.

Despite the closing of Cuba, troubles in the Dominican Republic, and hurricanes in the Bahamas, use of preferred hotels is, said Sharpe at the annual owners’ meeting in Austin, Texas, up 14%. Meanwhile sales of travel insurance is up 12%; land sales grew 4%; and cruises have grown 10%.

Overall, Signature is focusing on three pillars this year: technology, training and marketing.