72% of Germans fly abroad for their holidays. But Germany’s leading railway network showed that travellers don’t need to go far to see some of the world’s most beautiful locations.

No Need to Fly – Around the World in Germany addresses the question of how to get travellers to consider staying within Germany, using German Rail.

It is done with a side-by-side comparison: one side shows a foreign travel destination; the other a look-alike destination in Germany for just 19€. How do they give this idea relevance & attention on Facebook? With data and technology. First an algorithm found look-alike pictures. Then automated video-ads show each person flight prices in real-time from their location to a travel destination they are interested in… compared to the cheap fare of the look-alike travel destination in Germany.

The tech side of the campaign was handled by Spirable, whose innovative platform was used to automate video creative using dynamic flight pricing and comparing beautiful destinations abroad with similarly beautiful places in Germany with the message “why fly when you can spend only 19 euros for the same experience in Germany using Deutsche Bahn”.

DB3.jpegThe Spirable platform connected with a flight API feed to pull in flight data daily that dynamically updated videos comparing two locations. Due to the unique visual idea, the campaign was able to capture the viewers’ attention and drive brand awareness. Daily creative updates reduced ad fatigue and enabled users to see multiple variants of the same ad, all assisting in contributing towards increased brand recall and engagement.

According to Spirable, the campaign has achieved a 397% increase in CTR (clock through rate) compared to a control ad, an 849% performance increase compared to the benchmark set by the previous campaign, and a 59.3% reduction in cost per click.