Crillon Tours has launched what it calls the “Sky Lounge Explorer”: a new cozy moveable lounge to enjoy meals, leisure time and comfortably do stargazing of the southern skies in the middle of Bolivia’s dreamy Uyuni Salt Flats.

Travellers seeking a once-in-a-lifetime experience can now book the enhanced Deluxe Airstream Camper Experience for the indulgence of being completely alone in the middle of this 10,000+ square kilometre natural wonder.

The new Sky Lounge Explorer is the perfect complement to the experience as it is a mobile lounge with the best food & beverage service on the salt flats at no extra cost.

Featuring a solid & aerodynamic design, the Sky Lounge Explorer offers all the facilities & services a traveler might desire while exploring the Salt Flats. The cosy Sky Lounge comes with a central heating system, USB power sockets to charge phones and cameras and it is 100% green as it is powered by sun energy.

The glass walls and ceiling of the lounge provide the best panoramic views of the lunar landscape of the Salt Flats and by night, the never-ending blanket of stars across the sky in complete and uninterrupted solitude. Your clients will also have the opportunity to do stargazing and learn about Andean Cosmovision. The upgraded Deluxe Airstream Camper Experience guarantees exclusivity, safety and the indispensable protection against the cold & strong winds of the area. The human complement is a private chef for cocktails at sunset and a la carte meals anywhere and anytime.