Developing new multi-pronged tourism approach

A number of new initiatives are underway in India’s tourism sector aiming to provide visitors to “Incredible India” with a spiritually enhancing, culturally enriching, physically invigorating and mentally rejuvenating experience.

In the past few years, India has committed a sum of nearly €860m under two major schemes of the Ministry of Tourism for development of tourism circuits, preservation and maintenance of monuments, human resource development, Information Technology, etc. In addition, a large sum of money has been invested expanding and modernising the nation’s infrastructure in airports and airlines, railways, national highways, hotels and transport. A total of 17 prominent tourist sites are being developed into iconic tourism destinations by following a holistic approach involving infrastructure and skill development, progress in technology, attracting private investment, branding and marketing.

Meanwhile, a new certification programme has been established for tourist guides. Yogendra Tripathi, the new Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism for the Government of India explains, “The Ministry of Tourism has rolled out the Incredible India Tourist Facilitator Certification (IITFC) Programme in New Delhi to enable Indian citizens to develop and enhance the skills associated with tourism, and where one can incorporate knowledge about facilitating tourists visiting the country. The certification programme comprises basic and advanced self-paced courses designed in a manner that the users can learn in their own time, space, path and pace. The basic course, comprising of 7 modules, is aimed at training the facilitators for knowledge, skills and attitude domains. Successful completion of this programme enables the learner to become a Certified Tourist Facilitator of the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India”;