In this edition, we take a close up look at how the younger generation is changing the way business is done, and what part technology should play to cater for this. Indeed, “Gen Z” is growing up in a world of exceedingly innovative technology. The majority of them can’t recall a time before Google, or a world without smartphones. Their perspective of the world is what makes them unique. They think in 4D, wear watches whose primary function isn’t to tell time, and have never had the feeling of holding a paper map in their hands. Gen Z is constantly connected, with 41% spending 3+ hours a day on computers for non- school related activities and preferring to use 5 screens at once for multi-tasking (Sparks & Honey). More than eight out of 10 are hooked on social networks and more than half of them think that this is where their social life takes place (Business Insider). How are brands taking advantage of this? What are the eventual threats and dangers for those who don’t? Read on to discover more.