Arrivals in Asia and the Pacific are forecast to grow 5% to 6% in 2019, after a 6% increase in 2018, with still considerable growth potential in many emerging source markets and destinations.

The UNWTO reports that over the past year, positive growth has been experienced in tourism receipts, in particular for destinations in Asia. China recorded a 30% increase up to September, rebounding strongly from a decline in 2017 as a weaker Yuan made the destination more affordable. Japan and Macao (China) also led results with a 19% and 16% increase in tourism earnings respectively. Thailand recorded an 8% increase, following several years of double-digit gures. In Australia, receipts increased by 12%. Hong Kong (China), India, Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan (pr. of China), and Vietnam all posted double-digit figures, bene tting from a strong Chinese and Indian outbound market. In the following pages, you will nd more details about travel and tourism trends in APAC.