The People’s Republic of China has always been exceptional in getting things done at lightning speed, something you notice when spending more than a few days in the country. High-speed rail is no exception.

In fact, the country has quickly built what is now the longest high-speed rail network with 25,000 kilometres of tracks.

In light of that, Amadeus has this year launched the first technology platform distributing China Railway offers anywhere outside of mainland China. Travel agencies using Amadeus Selling Platform can now book and refund China Railway tickets in multiple languages.

China presents one of the greatest opportunities for the development of rail travel. What Europe and Japan accomplished over 40 years, China has effectively quadrupled in little more than a decade. Today, the country’s high-speed rail network is fast becoming an attractive and smoother alternative to flying for travellers.

According to Travel China Guide, in 2018, passengers traveling by railway during Chinese New Year and National Day  holidays reached up to 382 million, about 25 million more than the same period in 2017. During peak holiday and festive periods, high-speed trains play a pivotal role in transporting passengers to and from major cities – setting up the opportunity for travel agencies to enhance their competitive position and the traveler experience is significant.

Thanks to this agreement, travellers can now buy their ticket(s) before they‘ve reached their end destination. This has proven particularly useful in a country like China where there are potential language barriers. Additionally, the fact that they’ve bought the ticket through their local travel agency will give travellers a sense of safety as they can always turn to them in case of questions.

With rail becoming an increasingly important part of the travel network in China and the Asia-Pacific region, Amadeus sys it is committed to helping travel agencies  and sellers meet traveler’s needs, offering connected, multi-modal travel, and maximising all sales opportunities across different channels. This is a huge leap forward and we are excited about bringing China Railway’s offer to travellers around the world.