Palazzo Versace Dubai: a modern-day palace – true in terms of quality and design to palaces of a bygone era

Palazzo Versace Dubai officially opened in November 2016. In the world of fashion and design, Versace defines luxury, wealth and dominant patterns. Sandra Tikal is General Manager of the Palazzo Versace Dubai. We asked her what inspires her most about the brand.

Dealing with a fashion house adds an extra dimension to the experience for hoteliers that I just love. The hospitality industry has such great “people energy” and I am truly inspired by working with a multicultural team with diverse skillsets that come together to create memorable experiences. Guest and team experience is at the heart of hospitality and requires passion and commitment.


Can you select one USP that makes your hotel stand out?

Palazzo Versace Dubai is a modern-day palace that has remained true in terms of quality and design to the palaces of a bygone era. No expense has been spared to ensure authenticity including Italian artisans with generations of experience. The unique element is that everything in terms of design is steeped in the heritage of the Versace brand, the only fashion house that has theatre, fashion and home collections before hotel. Wherever you are in the hotel, there is a story; a connection. And what surprises many first-time visitors is the harmony of design; the elegance and the serenity, the sense of place.

What is the main highlight of your location?

Our location, Dubai Creek, provides a beautiful view and is at the heart of Dubai’s heritage. We are the only city hotel to be on natural waterways, with a beautiful boardwalk for long walks and a marina at our doorstep. There is great synergy in the meeting of Dubai heritage with Versace heritage. Jaddaf Waterfront as a location is about culture and art, a perfect destination for a Palazzo Versace Hotel. Jameel Arts Centre opened in November last year and is a short stroll from the hotel. Also, the much-awaited Mohammad Bin Rashid library opens soon and is only minutes away on the boardwalk.

What do you predict will be the most formative hospitality or luxury travel trend over the next five years?

I believe people are looking for unique, authentic experiences – the chance to live “real” elements of the destination they visit whether that be food, culture, heritage, shopping, or activities. Comfort and warmth in their hotel experiences – a touch of hand in a world that is now driven by technology. The need to connect will grow over the next five years.

Photo: Sandra Tikal General Manager, Palazzo Versace, Dubai