If there was an award for the most exotic destination in MEA, it could well be St Helena Island. Imagine a territory that stands almost in the middle of nowhere in the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean. St Helena is a 16 by 18 km volcanic tropical island located some 4,000 kilometres east of Brazil’s coastline and 1,900 km west of Namibia.

Populated by only 4,500 inhabitants, this British Overseas Territory is now luring the global travel market. One of the reasons carries a name: Napoleon Bonaparte…

“2021 will mark the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s death in St Helena and European visitors have a huge interest for this place,” explains Helena Bennett, the island’s Director of Tourism.

Napoleon’s presence can be remembered through a dozen sites, including the two original houses in which he resided as well as his grave. But Napoleon is not the only attraction that St Helena wants to promote. The island is blessed with a pristine nature, ideal for trekking and hiking, clear waters perfect for diving and a rich marine life with whale sharks and dolphins. And above all, it is a place to truly relax away from the urban life.