In 2019, the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) is working on the development of the local catering industry through “inheritance, innovation and exchange”, strengthening inheritance and innovation of local Macanese Cuisine.

Macao will be hosting and supporting international gastronomic events, organising different types of activities in major source markets, launching gourmet food tour products, and making greater efforts in promoting the Creative City of Gastronomy.

With a culinary legacy that dates back over 400 years, Macao is generally regarded as being home to the world’s first “fusion” cuisine. As a city which for 400 years was under Portuguese administration, it was in Macao, well before Hong Kong or Singapore, that East met West in the kitchen. And since Macao returned to Chinese sovereignty in 1999, this kind of cuisine has been a cornerstone of local culture.

It all testifies to the value of the UNESCO International Creative Cities Network and, at the same time, highlights the growing importance of cities as drivers of creativity and innovation. A recent gastronomy cooking show launched in Macao has not only stimulated the taste buds but also inspired imagination and creativity. Gastronomy is indeed deeply rooted in cultural heritage and cultural identity of peoples and communities.

Photo: Executive chef of Michelin Three Star Restaurant – The 8 – Joseph Tse – staging special performances in Macao