Exclusive interview – Peter Lyhne Uhrenholt – CEO of international technology provider TRIAX

TRIAX is an international technology provider of innovative products and strong, future-proof solutions for complete networks, to distribute TV and provide professional data networks including Wi-Fi. We asked TRIAX CEO Peter Lyhne Uhrenholt to tell us more about the company and its work in the hospitality market.

We’ve been experts in TV signal distribution ever since our founder started producing Denmark’s first TV aerials in 1949. Having serviced the hospitality industry for decades with our TV distribution solutions, we’re now using our technical expertise to bring tailored services for the entire guest journey.


What is the key TRIAX technology at this time and how does it work?

Alongside our TV distribution products and interactive communication platform TRIAX In Touch, key to our hospitality offering is TRIAX Ethernet over Coax + Wi-Fi. We use wave 2 technology to deliver reliable internet to every room, using coaxial cables – the cables carrying TV signals around the hotel. It also works on ethernet cables, so TRIAX is one of the very few companies that delivers a complete solution across different types of cable. It delivers the network and reliable Wi- Fi services hotels need, without the considerable time and money spent on installing new cables or replacing legacy infrastructure.

How can technology be utilised by hotels?

Nowadays, good Wi-Fi is more important to guests than a good breakfast. So to avoid negative customer reviews, it’s critical to offer an outstanding Wi-Fi service across the establishment so guests have the opportunity to use their online services as they would at home. We use to send the data over the coax cables, and with a discreet Wi-Fi end point in each room, TRIAX Ethernet over Coax + Wi-Fi offers maximum reliability and, therefore, improves the guest experience.

What are the principle bene ts of the technology to operators? wave 2 technology has a number of bene ts, especially when compared to other technologies using coax cables for networking. There’s high bandwidth – up to 1,600 mbps per cable – meaning the network can handle multiple users, and guests have the opportunity to stream in peace. There’s low latency – around 1ms – which is great for video-conferencing or gaming with minimal delay. What’s more, there’s no need to retune TVs, so installation time (and lost revenue) is kept to an absolute minimum.

How is TRIAX Connecting the Future?

While our Wi-Fi end points address today’s market needs, more variations are in the pipeline to prepare for needs of the future, such as providing in-room IoT or screen casting connectivity. We’re also opening our technology to other providers and manufacturers, with a set of APIs that maximise the benefits of our solution.

Photo: Peter Lyhne Uhrenholt CEO, TRIAX