The 2019 Virtuoso Luxe Report shows travel this year is more than ever highly personalised and inspired by a desire to experience new destinations in unusual ways.

From specific seat numbers on planes and hotel room numbers to particular rental car types, travellers are more vocal about their precise preferences. Nothing is left to chance, as increasingly clients ask for prearranged meals and appointments. They are seeking not just restaurant reservations, but exact tables at in-demand hot spots as well as pre-ordering wine to accompany the meal. They also ask their advisor to book sessions with hairdressers, massage therapists and even tattoo artists.

Virtuoso uncovered five key trends:

1. Motivation: Social media’s influence is unmistakable, as it drives travellers’ desire to nd the most captivating backdrops and the best time of day for snapping images. Clients are requesting on-site photography sessions to create Instagram- worthy content, including replicating shots they admired online.
2. Transportation: When flying commercial, airlines with state-of-the-art business and first-class cabins are a favourite. Upon landing, VIP airport arrival services that whisk travellers through customs and ease tight connections are growing in demand.
3. Accommodation: Experiential travellers who have seen it all are craving stays in unconventional accommodations.
4. Recreation: People want to explore their passions through bucket-list experiences.
5. Conservation: Travellers are expressing heightened interest in animal-related experiences. But they also exhibit concern for animal welfare and want to ensure that interactions are sustainable.

Photo: Borneo pygmy elephant