The Hôtel Martinez in Cannes, France, reopened in 2018 to much acclaim after undergoing extensive renovations with major technical improvements to control and reduce its environmental impact.

Green Globe has thus re-certified the Martinez in acknowledgement of its ongoing commitment to sustainable management and operations.

2018 -03 Alessandro Cresta (photo P. Muller)

Alessandro Cresta (photo P. Muller)

“I am proud that Hôtel Martinez has been certified by Green Globe year after year since 2010,” said Alessandro Cresta, General Manager at Hôtel Martinez. “We all continue to be involved in the development of our sustainability practices. As a bold decision for 2019, we have decided to remove as much plastic as possible in the hotel. Our short- and medium-term goals include waste sorting strategies and responsible seafood purchasing is also part of our sustainability plan.”

Water and energy measures have been implemented including installation of LEDs and sensors, centralised in-room systems to control temperature and lighting in rooms, a water preheating exchanger and low flow water faucets.

Waste management practices include dehydrating food waste, recycling pens and converting cooking oil into biofuel. In addition, members of the public can drop off their old spectacles at the hotel, which are then redistributed by the Lunettes Sans Frontière association (Glasses Without Borders).

New interiors, installed under the direction of architect and designer Pierre-Yves Rochon, reflect a combination of the original Art Deco style with furnishings in contemporary sky blue and white colours that complement the surrounding Mediterranean hues.

2018-11 Hôtel Martinez Hall©JF Romero (1).jpgGleaming white marble in the new lobby features a 1930s style grand chandelier that floods the space with golden light while corridors lead to new guest rooms with views of the Croisette and hints of the glamour and lavish spirit of yesteryear.

To contribute to regional economic development, Hôtel Martinez supports local producers by showcasing local foods and beverages at its restaurants and bars. Local crafts such as the ceramic plates inspired by the area and designed by Chef Christian Sinicropi also feature as presentation plates for dishes at the hotel’s two Michelin star restaurant La Palme d’Or.