The Vietnamese Group AA Corporation and the French company Concept have announced a strategic partnership set to change the current paradigm in terms of hotel layout.

When two personalities such as Nguyen Quoc Khan, president of AA Corporation and Michel Gicquel, founding president of Concept come together to propose a new conceptual approach to hotel layout, one might expect a real breakthrough on the subject. This happy encounter was achieved through Ms. Linh Vu (Key Hospitality Consulting), a renowned hotel developer. Mr Nguyen Quoc Khan & Mr Gicquel agreed to give exclusive details of this particularly ambitious and seductive project to

It is nothing more nor less than proposing to hoteliers from around the world a showroom located within the impressive fitting production unit of the AA Corporation factory in Saigon in order to propose 20 model rooms in the 3* & 4* categories to customers who want to build or rehabilitate one or more hotels. The project includes the creation of 16 model rooms (out of the 20 rooms in total) incorporating the standards and spirits of the major international brands. It is worth reminding readers that for Michel Gicquel, this is not a “first”, because when he assumed the position of World Artistic Director – Innovations & Design of the Accor group, he had realised, from 1995, 4 experimental rooms for Sofitel. They were a major global success, confirming Michel Gicquel’s avant-garde vision of the great evolutions of society, translating the transition from the industrial era to the era of virtual and digital. AAC will benefit from this extraordinary know-how since the project includes the realisation of four Concept Rooms* that will participate in the recognition of AAC as the world leader in hotel development. These Concept Rooms* will translate forward-looking visions of behavioural, technological and product evolutions.
On the other hand, Concept will be able to rely on the formidable responsiveness and production of AA Corporation, who, in the space of 20 years, have grown into a global organisation with operations in 5 countries throughout the world. The factory now spans more than 80,000 sq m of modern indoor production facilities using state-of-the-art equipment. The company has completed projects in more than 30 countries worldwide. AA Corporation works and transforms wood, stones, glass, metal… does custom planning, and creates furniture. Their digital tools and cabins are at the forefront of equipment.

For hoteliers in Asia, but also around the world, this is a great opportunity as, whether institutional or private, they will now have a place of reflection where they can come up with an idea of the type of hotel, the brand to which they wish to join or to discover the possibilities.
They will be received by a team that will help them finalise their project so that they can fulfil with AAC the manufacture and installation of all their fittings.
It’s an important space for working and meeting, with a product space allowing hoteliers to choose the lay out, materials and colours. Once these items are selected, a 3D view will be shown to them by AAC experts.

In the long run, a hotel operator could even have his concept room realised in this space, which would allow them not only to validate their choice, but also to be able to make photos of it in order to communicate on their project upstream of the opening.

The space will be conceived in a spirit of constant evolution, during whoch, at any moment, a new room might be born without disturbing the activity.

* Concept created in 1995 and registered by Michel Gicquel.