Las Vegas is renowned for its great food… but getting a “different angle” on the cuisine and history of the city is also a lot of fun thanks to innovative “Lip Smacking Foodie Tours” – an initiative launched by Don Contursi.

Contursi has concocted numerous ideas, such as “Savors of the Strip”, “Boozy Brunch”, the “Downtown Lip Smacking Tour”, the “Ultimate Steakhouse Tour” … The list goes on.

Having lived in Vegas for 16 years, Contursi had experienced countless restaurants himself, and says “With that information, I thought, there is so much, for most people it’s overwhelming. Why not take people around to a few places, and just taste their speciality signature dish – just the highlights… and in between the restaurants we give titbits – for example in downtown Vegas we talk about how it’s changed over the past few years, and why it’s changed. On the strip, we talk about other things to do in Vegas, sights along the way, art installations, things to do during your trip. People never get that unless they have a tour guide, which isn’t really common in Vegas, and you walk right past gems and have no idea about it unless you have a local expert taking you around!”.

Photo:  Donald Contursi, President, Lip Smacking Foodie Tours