The stepping-stone to understanding and connecting with the Chinese Travel Industry

According to the China Tourism Academy, more than 130 million Chinese travelled to overseas in 2017, a 7% growth on a year-over-year basis and more than 5 billion Chinese travelled domestically in 2017, a 69% growth comparing to 2012 and 11% in average annual growth rate.

General attitudes towards Chinese travel behaviour are changing, and the challenges, as well as opportunities concerning the industry will be key topics at ITB China 2019.

In order to attract more Chinese travellers, destinations and countries at ITB China can learn how to provide more individual travel experiences, or give better access to online information. They will discover the importance of creating visa-free travel for Chinese visitors, and learn how to leverage all new media platforms to engage and connect with Chinese travellers, who very much rely on tech services, such as mobile messaging apps or microblogging sites in order to nd and book holidays.

The image of a Chinese tourist group, speed-visiting various destinations in a tremendously short period, protected in the bubble of a guided group, has become a wide-established cliché. Young Chinese travellers are now seeking individual experiences rather than going on all-inclusive tours as their parents used to. The customising process starts by understanding the needs of the Chinese individual, the family, the millennial or group, and filtering down the possibilities to a personalised travel schedule that ts them best. Chinese travellers are increasingly looking for trips that match their interests and hobbies. Themed travel, such as food travel, island travel or sports travel among others, offers the opportunity for a better connection with a country or other special interests.

With requests for customised and personalised vacations rising sharply, ITB China, taking place from 15 – 17 May 2019 in Shanghai, provides both agents and traditional tour operators a platform to change their businesses to meet that demand. The event is establishing itself as the must-attend trade fair for anyone looking to build a strong presence in China.

  • More than 850 top and hand selected buyers from Greater China meet with industry professionals from all over the world
  • ITB China Conference brings together top speakers delivering hours of discussion to offer a well- rounded experience where industry leaders will network and discover the future of Chinese travel
  • Various networking events and a unique state of the art matchmaking system in order to enhance networking offer different ways to maximize business opportunities