Exclusive Interview – Mario Hardy – CEO, Pacific Asia Travel Association


In the past three years PATA has focused on building a financially strong organisation, increasing the number of members globally and improving engagement with its members and partners. We asked Mario Hardy what’s to come.

In the years to come, the Association will look to be thought leaders, by focusing on further engagement with its members by monitoring current trends and issues. However, PATA will always remain a strong advocate for the development of a responsible and sustainable travel and tourism industry.

What are the key trends you’re seeing in Asian travel and tourism (inbound and outbound)?

After having met with ASEAN Tourism Ministers, I can safely say that an area of focus for most destinations is the issue of tourism dispersal. Many countries suffer from overcrowded tourist destinations and often times the infrastructure in place does not support these high number of tourists. Dispersing tourists to secondary and tertiary destinations will also help local communities alleviate poverty by generating new sources of income and creating new job opportunities. This is something that PATA has been advocating for the past three years and we are extremely pleased to see countries embracing this new philosophy.

After the UNWTO’s Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development in 2017, you have launched a new initiative. Please tell us more.

We recently launched the BUFFET (Building an Understanding for Food Excess in Tourism) Initiative, a campaign aimed at reducing food waste in our industry. This is an issue that everybody in the travel and tourism industry witnesses. When you go to any tradeshow, conference or hotel breakfast buffet, we can see the amount of food waste that usually goes to landfill which adversely affects our environment. On that same day you could walk out of your hotel and see people in desperate need of food. At PATA, we want to play our part and continue to work towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. The overall outcome of the campaign is to produce a research paper with case studies and best practices on eliminating food waste. The final report will be shared globally and hopefully be the start of a global movement.

What interesting new members have you landed of late?

We value every member that joins the PATA family, however some of the more well- known brands that have recently joined include PayPal, Airbnb and Royal Brunei Airlines. In 2017, we welcomed more than 125 members from the public and private sectors to the Association.

Photos: Mario Hardy, CEO, Pacific Asia Travel Association.