The beautiful Perhentian islands off the north-east coast of Malaysia’s mainland are still little-known to the travel world at large, but that is changing quite rapidly as top-level infrastructure is added.

Purporting to be one of the only hotels on the two main islands with full-time electricity (a big plus), the four-star Mimpi Perhentian Long Beach Resort opened its doors in time for the high- season 2018 with around 50 of its eventual total of 75 rooms operational.

Resort Manager, Fazli Abd Rahman explains, “The water supply here comes all the way from the mainland, but electricity has to come from local sources. Some years ago, the government built wind and solar generators on the highest point of the island, but they broke down shortly afterwards, and there has been great debate since then as to how to replace them”.

Perhentian islands are a paradise for beach-goers, nature lovers and divers. Day trips take snorkelers to numerous points of interest, including Shark Point, where black-tip reef sharks may be observed, and other points where one can get a close-up view of the local sea turtles, which are protected and adored by the locals.

Long Beach is lined with numerous bars, hotels and restaurants, frequented largely by a younger European crowd: a fun, and thankfully still not overcrowded place to visit!

Photos: View from Mimpi Resort.