German-based company develops east-west synergy and facilitates business

Travel Easy is one of the most innovative partners one can find for travel services connecting Europe to China. The company is building a network that adds value and potential for all members, enabling travel agencies, shops and tourists to bene t from a clear win-win synergy. We asked Sandra Servos, Operating Director, Travel Easy, to tell us more about she is working in the Chinese market.


Travel Easy aims at strengthening Europe as an attractive shopping destination against international competition. To be more speci c, Travel Easy strives to improve the shopping experience for Chinese tourists in Europe. In order to achieve that, we offer our 100% tax refund service TAX FREE EASY to Chinese tourists. It is a non-cash refund meaning there in no need to queue for cash in the airport. It is convenient, fast and without hassle. An auto ll-function when lling-in the information in the tax refund form makes life easier for both the merchants and the tourists. Push messages keep the tourists up-to-date on the status of their tax refund form. We promote and install Alipay as a payment method at our connected merchants to ease the payment process for Chinese tourists. Apart from that we also assist European retailers in achieving GDPR conformity and increasing their visibility within Chinese tourists. The secure handling of personal data is also relevant for tour operators and tour guides and we hope to be of help for both parties.

What are the key dif culties people in Europe run into when working with Chinese travellers, and how do you assist in this respect?

Key dif culties arise from differences in language, culture, law and regulations. The result is a shopping experience that could be improved. We assist Chinese travellers in offering a Chinese speaking support service as well as products and services that ease the payment and tax refund process and thereby improve the shopping experience. Besides this, we provide merchants with consulting, marketing and IT system support in order to properly prepare them for Chinese customers.

What kind of customers do you work with already and with whom are you looking to develop business?
We have local business resources in Europe and work together with more than 200 merchants in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Denmark and Hungary etc. Our innovative products and convenient services will expand quickly to more European countries, for example UK in July and Spain in September. We hope to find partners with whom we can jointly improve the shopping experience for Chinese travellers in Europe and enhance the travel retail business in Europe in general.