Avvio’s Allora platform leverages AI to boost business for hoteliers

Avvio is a leading provider of direct booking technology and digital marketing, with a guarantee to grow hotels’ direct bookings by a minimum of 25% when they switch to Avvio. In October 2017, Avvio claims to have become the first company in the world to provide the hospitality industry with a booking engine driven by artificial intelligence. We asked Avvio’s CEO Frank Reeves to tell us more.

Avvio is urging hospitality companies to explore revolutionary and emerging technology such as AI, to streamline processes and to consider chatbots, for short-term, high-efficiency solutions alongside existing human expertise. Today’s hotel guests are expecting smarter and more tailored services to feel any emotional connection and loyalty to a venue. This is where arti cial intelligence comes in. AI is revolutionising how we use technology in every aspect of our lives, including the hotel industry.


We believe AI is a necessary adoption which should be part of every hotel’s tech strategy.

Avvio and many of our partners, clients and industry colleagues, realise that functionality found in hotels such as Alexa for voice search and Allora for creating unique direct booking experiences, will help to revolutionise the current technology stack for hoteliers.

What impact will AI have on travel planning?

AI technology offers accommodation firms a range of commercial benefits such as unique online experiences, smart rooms and personalised booking journeys. Bookings and guest requests can be handled seamlessly and authentically without worry over accents or language barriers. AI can also be used to analyse guests’ moods based on both spoken and written language. This can alert a staff member when a guest is frustrated, upset, excited or pleased, however, Avvio continues to encourage hotels to continue to hire and train staff too to provide a personal context.

From a customer engagement perspective, how will AI manifest itself?

By tracking and analysing data across hundreds of properties, based on geography, guest history, booking preferences, interactions on site, conversations and more, AI can develop targeted and relevant marketing material aimed at speci c individuals and create a booking journey tailored to individual needs. It is moving the hotels’ online interactions away from a “one size ts all” model to a exible and dynamic system which can adapt to appeal to different customers. AI will enable hotels to make specific recommendations, suggest trips, or upsell additional services – and teach itself how to enhance a visitor’s experience.

Photo: Frank Reeves, Co-founder and CEO, Avvio.