Amanyangyun is the fourth Aman destination in China, the first in Shanghai, and the only one where its dwellings had to travel more than 700 kilometres.

Opened in January 2018, Amanyangyun is the result of an ambitious 15-year conservation initiative, which saw the relocation of a forest and the reconstruction of an historic village.

The story began in the city of Fuzhou in the province of Jiangxi, where construction of a new reservoir threatened the existence of thousands of camphor trees and dozens of homes dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Over the course of a decade, Fuzhou-born entrepreneur Ma Dadong and Aman worked together to ensure these relics of China’s ancient past would not be lost to history, overseeing the transportation and replanting of 10,000 trees – including the 80-tonne Emperor Tree – and the stone-by-stone disassembly and rebuilding of 50 antique houses.

Reborn 27 kilometres southwest of Shanghai, Amanyangyun is a 10-hectare retreat that presents a tranquil counterpart to the neighbouring city.

Kerry Hill Architects meticulously restored the 50 disassembled antique houses to create 26 ancient dwellings for Amanyangyun.

As well as the antique pavilions, Amanyangyun provides 24 newly created Ming Courtyard Suites that complement their historic counterparts.

Photos: Amanyangyun Antique Exterior.