Kurtz-Ahlers & Associates have announce their rebranding to Hidden Doorways Travel, A KAA Travel Collection.

“After 16 years leading Kurtz-Ahlers & Associates to the forefront of our industry, we recognized an opportunity to rebrand our company to clearly evoke the properties we represent,” said JoAnn Kurtz-Ahlers, Founder and President.

“Hidden Doorways Travel, A KAA Travel Collection will continue to discover, develop and represent the world’s most unique and unknown destinations and experiences,” added Kurtz-Ahlers. “Our company operates with active sales offices around the world, from the United States to London, Brazil and beyond, creating a global network of personalised service to properties and DMC’s across 34 countries. We will continue our sales and marketing initiatives to convey our devotion and commitment to representing the rare and undiscovered. From horse trekking through Mongolia’s mountains, to accessing an unpredictable adventure in the heart of London or opening industry minds to a new way of doing business.”