Exclusive interview with Christian Crolle, Director of Professional Audio – Yamaha Music Europe.

How long has Yamaha been working in the field of hospitality, and how important is this market for the company? 

We have always worked in the field of hospitality, if only because we are manufacturers of musical instruments since 1887. Through the ages, our pianos, musical instruments, sound systems, hi-fi equipment and more recently our integrated sound systems (amplifiers, matrices, network and integrated speakers) are present in all places that receive customers. This is why it is very difficult to define the importance of this market for Yamaha because it concerns many different ranges of products for us. For example, in a lobby you can find a Piano Disklavier connected to HiFi MusicCast system, celling speakers for Background Music, a small stage with a drum set and a console connected to powered speakers for the performance of musicians.

The key point we can highlight is that, thanks to our unique identity, we know that the very high quality of sound and music broadcasting is fundamental in any public venue.

Over the last few decades, we find that this point has often been left out or treated as a very last resort by the builders. For us, sound quality is essential.

Indeed, sound and music are everywhere, in all public spaces. Nobody seems to pay attention to it, but when the sound of the voice/music is bad, aggressive or of poor quality it can shorten the consumer’s experience and reduce their ability to stay or return in a location. Sound is

Increasingly, the sound experience is an integral part of the offer that the operator of a place has to make to his customers. Whether you are in a restaurant, in your room watching TV, at the bar for a drink, at the pool: the sound experience is part of your ability to better appreciate this moment and come back to this place again because you feel welcome.

How could you best describe Yamaha’s overall strategy when it comes to Hospitality? 

Yamaha is the only multi-specialist sound manufacturer to offer reliable and quality solutions:

  • from instrumental source to diffusion
  • from the private individual to the professional
  • from modest budget to prestigious investment

The quality of sound broadcasting is definitely an element to consider in order to extend and renew the quality of the customers’ experience.

Our vision remains the same: to create inspiration and cultural enrichment through technology and the passion born of sound, instruments and music.

Our two main concerns are:

  1. Make the end user forget the complex technological chaining of an installation, whatever its size. That’s why all our Smart Device Applications(on Macs, PCs, tablets) are simple and intuitive for anyone.
  2. Produce a sound reproduction “pure direct” so as not to alter the source and restore the listener a musical sound of very good quality, without exaggerated distortions. On our recommendations, it is up to the specialised integrator to perfectly install our products and to adapt our recommendations to the place where they will be exploited.

The quality of sound broadcasting is definitely an element to consider in order to extend and renew the quality of the customers’ experience. This is a noble element of marketing to take seriously in hospitality business.

Of course, there are several sub-categories in hospitality, such as small and large restaurants, bars, lobbies, guest rooms, and conference rooms. Do hoteliers or their integrators have a “one stop shop” for these?

We have a complete network of authorized, specialized and professional distributors and integrators. And regardless of the category of products designed and manufactured entirely by Yamaha (musical instruments, sound equipment, sound integration, HiFi equipment), whatever the size or specificity of a place, whatever the activity . We attach great importance to the qualification of our network, which is why we are training every month and in all countries in-depth training.

For example :

How does Yamaha work across different geographic zones? For small, medium or large operators, is it possible to get a similar offering across different zones? 

With nearly 40 subsidiaries in our own name, we cover all countries and all continents, which is why our offer is global and accessible to all countries. Obviously the levels of development and growth are not equal everywhere and we adapt step by step our processes, our distribution networks and the level of qualification of our authorised distributors.

How is your strategy evolving over time? 

Sharing passion and performance. With our unique expertise and sensibilities, gained from our devotion to sound and music, we are committed to creating excitement and cultural inspiration together with people around the world.

When customers experience, use, or own Yamaha products and services they should experience a profound response that will stimulate both their emotions and senses.

The Yamaha Quality is a set of criteria that supports Yamaha’s insistence on quality in products and services and our dedication to excellence in manufacturing.

These criteria assist in making the Corporate Philosophy a reality.

Photo : Christian Crolle, Director of Professional Audio – Yamaha Music Europe