Raising guest satisfaction, with intuitive media-streaming for hospitality

Onl ine media for the hospitality industry is fast becoming the option of choice for in-room entertainment. Several recent surveys* have confirmed an increased preference amongst travellers, wishing to view personal devices on their bedroom TV screen. Furthermore, hoteliers are also set to benefit from a better understanding of their guests by enhancing their guest experience, whilst simultaneously improving their targeted marketing and communications.

Since launching in 2013, Google Chromecast has become the media-streaming device of choice to enhance home entertainment on the TV via HDMI. The device allows users to choose from over 200,000 TV shows & movies, 30 million songs, plus radio, sport and games. A range of free, subscription or paid content is available from thousands of apps, such as YouTube, iPlayer, Hulu, Spotify and Net ix, all through the leisure of one’s TV screen.

While Google Chromecast offers an inbuilt “guest mode” for use beyond the home, many hoteliers have still been somewhat nervous to introduce the device into guest entertainment systems due to specific security challenges faced by commercial venues. The hospitality industry requires a safe and secure application; what would prevent users from casting malicious content to surrounding bedroom TVs? How vulnerable could a guest’s device become?

Powered by Goog l e Chromecast, nevayacast has been specifically designed to provide all the enjoyable benefits of media-streaming entertainment, in a complete solution. With nevayacast, guests only ever access the Chromecast device specifically connected in their room. Hoteliers can be reassured that there is no risk of a hotel guest viewing devices from any surrounding rooms, casting to any surrounding rooms, or accessing any of the Chromecast settings.

Designed to work through Wi-Fi integration, casting the guest’s device can be as simple as just connecting to the bedroom Wi-Fi, or if preferable, with a TV code.

Hoteliers are able to maximise opportunities to improve their business reputation through increased guest satisfaction, review ratings and occupancy. Furthermore, with nevayacast, guests never have to feel the frustration of a break in their box-set viewing, or struggle to view their favourite entertainment on the small screen of their smartphone.

Using the smartphone as a remote: The average person spends over 4 hours per day on his or her smartphone, so a guest’s instinctive preference to use their personal device over a hotel TV remote control is obvious. It’s easy to control the TV from anywhere in their hotel bedroom, furthermore guests can keep using their device without interrupting what’s playing or draining their battery.

*Data taken from ADB In-Room Entertainment Preference Study 2016