From Gandi to Mandela, visitors discover the roots of South African democracy to the north of Durban on the Inanda Heritage Route, 30km north of Durban, South Africa – a cradle of South Africa’s democracy.

Filled with cultural, heritage and historical sites, visitors can discover the political landscape where South African racial equality was crafted by the likes of Dr John Dube, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. The Route is a must-visit for tourists in the vicinity of Durban.

Visitors looking to travel the Inanda Heritage Route have several options. They can firstly book through Durban Green Corridor at the Green Hub located at the mouth of the uMngeni River. The Durban Green Corridor travel agency will also provide a number of activities to do in and around Inanda Dam. In addition, tourists can contact Durban Tourism for a list of tour guides and operators offering half-day and full-day Inanda Heritage Route tours. Thirdly, self-drive to Ohlange Institute. It is recommended the visitor should employ a guide if he or she is at all uncertain about driving through settlement areas.