A recent ILTM roundtable survey discovered what we already knew to a certain extent, but reinforced the idea that luxury travellers today more than ever want transformative and authentic experiences. Virtuoso echoed the sentiment in January when they released their 2018 trends report, in which it was underlined that “Adventure Abounds”. With its wide appeal to all travellers, the allure of adventure remains hot, says the report, with experiences ranging from soft adventure to nature immersion all the way to the extreme. For example, guests at Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort in Sri Lanka can discover the area by bicycle, go whale watching and explore national parks; or there’s Tutka Bay Lodge and Winterlake Lodge in Alaska, offering activities such as deep-sea and freshwater fishing, river rafting, bear viewing, glacier trekking, ocean kayaking and hiking. Part of being “immersed” in local culture of course also means tasting the local delicacies. In the following pages, we spotlight the importance of gastronomy in tourism. Enjoy!