The sights and sounds of a Hotel: Yamaha “completes the equation” for hoteliers seeking to differentiate through the senses…

The first impression or “feeling” of a hotel comes from not only the “look and feel” of its lobby and common areas, but also, of course through the sounds experienced by the visitor (this is also often added-to by custom scents).

The successful emanation of music in a lobby, piano bar, sports bar or restaurant depends upon the equipment installed for this purpose – equipment that needs not only to be totally reliable, but also to deliver the quality of sound that is in keeping with the care given by the hotelier to the property’s décor. Thus, music and hospitality are synonymous – and so are music and Yamaha. With more than 120 years of experience making quality musical instruments, Yamaha is the logical choice for one’s hospitality needs. Whether for a restaurant, lounge, hotel lobby, banquet facility, guest room, hotel suite, vacation villa or even a performance venue, Yamaha helps set the mood for the guest, enhance his or her experience. With a vast array of products, finishes and sizes, one is sure to find the right instrument to suit one’s needs. Although Yamaha is probably best known for its world-class line of acoustic pianos, there are many more products that are available and, depending on the situation, might be more suitable for the hotelier’s needs.

Lobby: BGM and paging to four zones

Hotel lobbies usually have a number of adjoining areas. In this particular case BGM is delivered to four separate zones: the main lobby area, shop, lounge, and elevator hall. Independent volume control is provided for each zone. It is also possible to supply each zone with different music to accompany seasonal events held in specific zones, for example.

…Stylish new MODUS digital pianos provide non-stop entertainment – from Bach to Rock and everything in between

Disklavier.jpgImagine a piano that can play at any time, day or night, by a “live” performer or by itself. Yamaha’s Disklavier digital-acoustic player pianos and selected models of the stylish new MODUS digital pianos provide non-stop entertainment – from Bach to Rock and everything in between. The moving key feature replicates the original piano performance with stunning precision.

If tuning, space, budget or mobility are a consideration, consider the award-winning line of Clavinova digital pianos that have the sound and touch of an acoustic piano, but never need tuning – and come in a variety of cabinet choices and finishes.

Hybrids are extremely popular right now and Yamaha has just introduced its first hybrid piano, the AvantGrand. Technologically unsurpassed, it reproduces the sound and feel of an acoustic piano like no other product. A performer will be amazed at the realism and can even feel the vibrations in the keys.

To get the most out of a Disklavier, Clavinova or MODUS piano, Yamaha provides a wide array of software available for purchase. Whether it’s Classical, Jazz, Big Band, Rock, Pop, Soul, or Adult Contemporary – you’re sure to find the music you’re looking for at www.yamahamusicsoft.com.

Conference Rooms

system_menu_office_400x250.jpgMaking sure that speakers and presentations are easily heard and intelligible at meetings is the key to getting the message across. Yamaha’s extensive know-how in both professional audio and digital technology offers significant advantages in this area. High performance speaker systems that maintain sonic integrity whether used at low or high volume, along with advanced DSP and network technology that is easy to operate, provide optimum solutions for conference rooms of any size.