Nouvelle-Aquitaine: a Land of Great Experiences, in an Exceptional Variety of Locations

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Making France’s Nouvelle- Aquitaine a “Not to be Missed” part of any travel itinerary.

When considering the fact that France continues to prance as the most favourite tourist destination in the world, the question is often asked, “Why so?”

It’s true that travelling the world, one can often see some amazing places, with wonderful people, cultures and cuisines. But France has that little “je ne sais quoi”, that makes it an incredible magnet for tourists. That something is its extraordinary variety – in every sense, making it more like a collection of countries or destinations than a single destination. Nouvelle-Aquitaine is the epitome of this phenomenon, itself hosting a plethora of landscapes, peoples, cuisines, activities and cultures that is so broad that it is difficult to capture in one single work such as this one.

Added to this is the fact that for many international tourists, the region is yet to be discovered. And that needs to change!

For travel professionals from around the globe, the advantages of choosing Nouvelle-Aquitaine as a “not to be missed” part of a French or European itinerary are multiple, and their clients – young or old, or from any walk of life – will come back with smiles, and recollections of an extraordinary time, indelibly etched into their memories.

The background of Michel Durrieu, the General Director of the Regional Tourist Board of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, having worked in the French Ministry or Foreign Affairs (among other postings) has given him a broader vision of the industry at large; one which is strongly motivating the active promotion of this region, as he realises just how “undersold” it has been until this day.

The goals of the Regional Tourist Board are thus more than realistic, and we hope that this SMARTguide will enable the savvy travel professional to learn one or two useful, valuable and pertinent facts about the region, and to partake in the propulsion of Nouvelle-Aquitaine to the highest ranks of the French and European tourism scene.

Richard Barnes Editor-in-Chief Cleverdis