Tracking The Trends

Viewpoint of the GM of Les Roches Marbella

Carlos Diez de la Lastra Buigues is General Manager of Les Roches Marbella, part of the global network of Les Roches International School of Hotel Management. We asked him what he sees as being the main stakes for the industry at the moment.

Impatience, the value of immediacy, wanting everything and now, is something that is already forcing us to rethink the way in which the hotel interacts with the client. The famous chatbots will be one of the stars of the new year. Artificial intelligence will be at the service of hyper-personalised attention without the need for greater human interaction.


The new heyday of bleisure is nothing but the enrichment of the traditional business line of the business guest. The trend is clear and overwhelming. Already more than half of business travellers take advantage of their travel to incorporate leisure activities and even extend their stay for this reason. It is not necessary to highlight the value of this to combat our eternal problem of seasonality, nor that the axis of value lies largely in the hotelier’s capacity of innovation and entrepreneurship.

There is also growing concern for sustainability and integration with the locals. On the one hand this brings an opportunity for diversification and the enhancement of projects, hotels and destinations, that were previously outside the main tourist activity centre, and on the other it is a risk to be taken into account due to the effects of dreaded “overtourism”.

Photo: Carlos Diez de la Lastra Buigues – General Manager, Les Roches Marbella