The Unusual Pace Of Change

What can be expected in the next years from a technology perspective

Jose Luis Calvo, Cognitive Computing Director, Sngular, will be speaking at the EHMA AGM on the topic of the “unusual pace of change we are enjoying and suffering, and what can be expected in the next years from a technology perspective”. We asked him to tell us a little more.


I intend to cover 4 technologies: Artificial Intelligence as the main driver, Virtual Reality, the Internet of Things and Blockchain as the most promising technologies for the next years, and potentially able to impact the industry. I will complete the «state of the art» of the technology, with several examples from the 3 innovation horizons (H1, innovation at youcore business, H2, innovation at your side/complementary/ edge business, and H3, innovation at the disruptive business or the meteor) The main change to come is going to be continuous change(!) From a technological perspective, it is going to be Artificial Intelligence, which will create a greater disruption than the one that has been created by the Internet. Hoteliers should be prepared to accelerate their innovation pace, which means start to experiment fast, cheap and learn from it. Also, start to think out of the box for potential H3 scenarios.

Photo: José Luis Calvo Salanova – Cognitive Computing Director, Sngular