Spotlight On Host Region

Andalusia – the perfect location for EHMA’s AGM 2018

As Spain’s national delegate of EHMA, but also President of Andalousia’s Hotel Association, who better to tell us about the wonderful region hosting this year’s AGM, and its key assets…

The region of Andalusia has an area of 87,268 SQ km and represents 17.3% of the Spanish territory. It is, on its own, larger than countries like Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Austria or Switzerland. Andalusia is the main holiday destination for Spanish nationals and one of the principal destinations for overseas tourists.
Tourism is one of the main engines of the economy in Andalusia. This is reflected in the data of the number of visitors received in 2017: we received a total of 29.5 million tourists. Out of this numbers, 59.3% came from Spain, and foreign visitors represented a total of 40.7% of the total, 11.5% more compared to 2016 thanks to the increase of German and Nordic visitors, in addition to Americans, Irish and Dutch. The average spend per day of tourists in Andalusia is € 66.


What advice can you give EHMA delegates to make the most of their stay in Marbella?

We have a fantastic programme for the educational day where the best national and international experts will come to talk about hotel news events, mainly Smart Data in Luxury Destinations, but also other matters of international tourist interest such as The Silk Road.
Marbella, 5-star destination is the new tourist slogan of the city, this new motto of promotion emphasises its condition of best tourist destination of luxury of Spain, ideal to host the Annual Congress of EHMA. In addition, Marbella is a great city to visit in the month of March with an average temperature of 20 degrees.

What is your vision of the issues and perspectives of the hotel industry here in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world?

As in the rest of the world, one of the main problems that concerns us here is the offer of non-regulated accommodation that harms hoteliers, since they do not have the same rules of the game and do not have to pay the same taxes or comply with the regulations legally established for hotels. Likewise, customers are more unprotected staying in this type of nonregulated establishment, exposing themselves to risks that in a hotel they would not have. However, the government is beginning to become aware of this problem, and the non-regulated rental companies are being persecuted. A greater control of the advertising and sale of this type of business through the Internet is demanded. Recently has been forced to publish the legal registration number from its clients as hotels are required to do so.

Photo: Manuel Otero – President of Committee of the 45th EHMA AGM Marbella 2018, Spain’s national delegate of EHMA