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Foreword by Richard Barnes – Editor in Chief


Andalusia and in particular, Marbella welcome you this year the EHMA Congress.

Andalusia is one of the most popular tourist regions in the world and a symbol of all that tourism can bring to a region. At a time when major international organisations, with the UNWTO in mind, highlight this need to make tourism a “force of good”, the attendance of the elite of the European hotel in Marbella gives even more visibility to this magnificent region and the social and economic benefits associated with it. The presence of Francisco Javier Fernández Tourism and Sport councillor of the board of Andalusia at this AGM highlights the importance of the event for Andalusia.

The reflections on this year’s theme “smart data for luxury destinations” are of great interest to hoteliers from around the globe. Many are aware of the role EHMA has played for many years, giving itself as a mission to become the number one platform for collective intelligence, education, networking and professional development among the general managers of 4-and 5-star European properties.
Cleverdis, historical partner of EHMA, wishes all its members an excellent 2018 AGM!