Europe Tourism Is Booming

Europe continues to prance out in the lead of the global tourism market, with all analysts forecasting continued growth for the current period.
Europe’s success is due not only to its extraordinarily diverse cultures, landscapes, architectures and cuisines, but also to the concerted efforts of tourism industry professionals to harmonise and professionalise the offering. A key organisation in this fi eld is of course the European Travel Commission (ETC), which this year celebrates its 70th anniversary. Their original aim was to collaborate in order to promote the importance of tourism in rebuilding Europe’s economy after the devastation of World War II. With early help from the US-sponsored Marshall Plan, ETC played a pivotal role in the revitalisation of Europe’s tourism industry after the war. Since then, ETC’s mission has remained largely unchanged; promoting Europe as a tourist destination in long-haul markets.
Today, thanks to initiatives by organisations such as the ETC, the industry in Europe continues to evolve in the “right direction”.

Photo: Vinya l’Ermita, Gratallops, Spain