Change Doesn’t Just Mean Pain

Different ways of approaching the customer experience

Hotels sell EXPERIENCES… be that for private individuals, families or to the business traveller. The EXPERIENCE is the ASSET of the hotel. Dietmar Dahmen, in his presentation at this year’s EHMA AGM, will explain how this is evolving…


Traditionally this experience was centred around the PHYSICAL amenities…. how the room looks like … or your gym… or a pool etc. Today this is changing. The experience includes digital experiences, all along the entire customer journey. From booking to feedback.

In my talk, I will help to navigate all this change. I will show what is happening and what you need to do, in order to keep up with those trends. I will talk about the difficulties you might encounter when you start to change and how can use change to become stronger than you have ever been before. CHANGE IS VERY GOOD… And I’ll help people see the OPPORTUNITIES… and not just the “pain” that comes with change.

Every business centres around the CUSTOMERS. And DATA centres around customers. So, every business needs to EMBRACE DATA. This is not easy, but today, Artificial Intelligence helps us analyse all the data we have and to organise the collaboration of all the different aspect to tourism and even to PREDICT what a travel might need, BEFORE he or she said s/he need it.

Photo: Dietmar Dahmen – Creative Consultant, Visionary, Futurologist, Innovation Expert