Analysing Sentiment

Bringing hoteliers of tomorrow up to speed

EHL are working on a new project for EHMA bringing in “new talent”. We asked Ian Millar, Project Manager METRO Innovation Chair & Senior Lecturer to tell us a little more.

I will be working with young EMHA on a session called “Smart Data for Luxury Destinations”. The competencies of a future hotel manager will need to include skills including how to use technology to make better business decisions. Sentiment Analysis, which is behind this session allows hotels to analyse in real time, hundreds of websites where consumers and leaving data about their hotel or destination. If you take all of this data it is incredible how much insight a hotel can have about itself and its competition.

How will the group be madeup, and how will it function? There will of course be a theoretical element to this, but the core of this session will be to work with a real sentiment analysis tool in real time on their own destinations. This will allow the members to have a real-life experience with real data.

What do you hope will be the upshot of all this? Young EHMA members will leave this session with a clear understanding of the subject of sentiment analysis, what it can add to the business and how they can have a better understanding of a new technology and how they can go back to their property and implement this.

Photo: Ian Millar – Project Manager METRO Innovation Chair & Senior Lecturer, Ecole hôtelière de Lausane