Turkish Airlines are set to launch a service to the Comoros islands starting on 16th June.

Located in the Mozambique Channel between Madagascar and Africa, the Comoros archipelago is well known for the magnificence of the largest island in this nation-state, Grande Comore and its capital Moroni, the steep inland mountains, and the flamboyant greenery of Moheli.

As part of the nation’s programme “Emergence in 2030”, the Comoros are multiplying their initiatives to make the destination more easily accessible. The new deal with Turkish Airlines with routing via the Seychelles, comes within the framework of this new initiative.

3 flights are planned per week:

comoros flights.jpeg

Connections to key European airports are assured with comfortable stop-over times in Istanbul. From Paris Charles de Gaulle, for example, flights on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays leave at 19:40, arriving Istanbul at 00:10 with a connecting flight to Mahé and Hahaya leaving at 01:40. Return flights on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays depart from Hahaya at 16:40, arriving at Mahé at 21:10 and Istanbul at 04:10, with flights to Paris departing 16:55.