Travel Professionals’ Viewpoint – Harry Dalgaard

The introduction of the TGV Oceane has been major breakthrough in connecting our number one destination, Paris with Bordeaux. Whether it’s simply for a day excursion to Bordeaux or instead the start of a multi-destination itinerary, the shorter travel time has been a huge boon. As in other destinations where high speed rail has been introduced, the incentive for the traveller to explore has increased the destinations appeal.

Our travellers are time poor and typically travel to three or four destinations in either the same country or multi-country in a 10-14 day period. With the two-hour travel time from Paris, our numbers have grown substantially in the short period since the high-speed service was introduced last July.

Secondly, the opening of La Cité du Vin in Bordeaux has created a solid building block to our wine and culinary programs, that are now much sought after by our growing millennial market. With this attraction, our travellers can get a full wine experience in town and the surrounding vineyards.

Photo: Harry Dalgaard President, Avanti Destinations, Oregon, USA