Limoges – Aubussson: Skills And Excellence, The Dawning Of Luxury

Limousin gets its generous nature from three simple ingredients: water, earth and fire. These basic ingredients give this territory its international fame, thanks to skills such as fire arts including Limoges enamel and porcelain, Saint Junien leather gloves, Tulle’s accordions and lace, and Aubusson tapestry to name a few. In Aubusson and Felletin, factories and workshops weave tapestries to decorate embassies, luxury hotels, castles and museums worldwide. La Cité Internationale de la Tapisserie opened in 2016, in Aubusson. This venue’s innovative layout enhances the past and present of tapestry art, which is now registered on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Limousin is a green land of valleys peppered with cows, lakes and forests – the mythical Dordogne river, the Impressionist valley in Creuse, the Millevaches Regional Nature Park, the Vassivière lake – and offers markets where consumers can buy goods directly from local farmers. From Aubusson to Gueret, Limoges to Brive-la-Gaillarde, the Limousin region offers you the luxury of choice: culture, sports, family holidays… In the footsteps of impressionist painters – Claude Monet, Armand Guillaumin and Francis Picabia, among others – hundreds of artists erected their easels in the valley of painters, in the heart of a wild and unspoilt nature. Travellers can do the same by walking in their footsteps, discovery book in hand, following the Path of Painters, a short loop marked with bookmarks honouring the work of Claude Monet.


Porcelain Routes in Limousin: a network of 22 Limoges porcelain factories which came together to represent and promote the tradition of Limoges porcelain. The Richard the Lion Heart Trail is a sightseeing route named after the famous king who was mortally wounded in Châlus and takes you to the south west of the region. The trail is 180km (112 miles) long and includes 19 sites which are also architectural masterpieces.


There are 64,729 beds available in Limousin.


  • A paradise for nature fans: a water wonderland with thousands of streams. A kaleidoscope of landscapes.
  • A rich medieval past: castles, towers, knights and troubadours.
  • Savoir-faire and excellence (Limoges enamel and porcelain, Aubusson tapestry…).