Improved Destination Information Equals Happier Travellers

While international tourism continues to grow, and France remains in the #1 position as a destination, global competition is heating up year by year, and consequently each destination is forced to fight harder and harder for the tourist dollar.

In this battle, the travel advisor increasingly needs to have new and precise ideas to present to their customers, in order to inspire and excite them, and to motivate them to travel to places they may not have originally considered.

We believe the promotion being undertaken by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region centred on this SMARTguide will be instrumental in assisting travel and tourism professionals in finding the “unique selling points” that will in effect push business to this destination.

Furthermore, the clarity and simplicity of both the information and structure of the offering will, we believe, lead to more “savvy” advice and consequently, happier, more satisfied clients. We take our hats off to the Regional Tourist Board for their “smart” promotional initiative.

Photo: Jean-François Pieri Managing Director Cleverdis