Tourism – the Fine Line

Tourism promotion is increasingly akin to a “fine line”. On the one hand, it’s important to grow numbers, and especially revenues, for the good of local employment and the economy at large. On the other hand, a key issue underlined this year by the UNWTO is that of overtourism, and its eventual negative effects on destinations. While the Islands of Tahiti are far from falling victim to this issue, there is still a fine line between what’s good for the economy and what’s bad for the environment and the community.

We believe French Polynesia’s Tourism Ministry and Tourism Tahiti are doing a fantastic job when it comes to treading that fine line. Indeed, the work that has been done in the past years in terms of consultation with all those involved in the industry in the islands, and working on plans that foster sustainability, are what will no doubt lead to the ongoing and growing health of the industry in the region.

The avoidance of mass tourism, and not only a strong support for the community, but a reinforcing of cultural values, mean that this is one of the few destinations in the world where tourism appears to be going 100% in the right direction.

Take the time to talk to the tourism representatives of this breath-taking destination. It can be true that finalising a package to Tahiti and her islands is not always as easy and quick as for other destinations. Preparing a “The Islands of Tahiti” package is a real, gratifying experience. Ask those who have already done it… they have fallen in love with the destination. French Polynesia’s teams and representations in each feeding market are there to assist you and imagine with you how to propose bold and non-standard packages. They have developed the “Embraced by Mana” campaign, whose implementation really focuses on “experiencing the destination.”

It won’t be long before you, too, are enamoured with the Islands of Tahiti.

Photo: Jean-Francois Pieri – Managing Director at Cleverdis