Road Transport

In Tahiti, buses and taxis are or course available. Standard cars, four-wheel drive vehicles and scooters are able to be rented. Depending upon which island one is on, in order to discover a “hidden paradise” one can also opt to go for a ride on a bike or a horse. On some islands, taxi boats for lagoon transfers are also available to go to motus (islets) where visitors can find accommodation (such as in the Tuamotu) or to the airport (such as on Bora Bora). Public buses are available from Moorea wharf where they meet the ferries. There are also car rental companies at Moorea wharf. In Papeete, car rental depots can be found at the airport and in the city. Avis and Europcar are the main companies operating in the islands.

Bugsters: Also known as roadsters, these buggies are a little like convertibles without doors and are an interesting way to tour an island for a few hours. They can generally be rented for four, eight or 24 hours.