Mana From Heaven

There are many sides to The Islands of Tahiti. Yet they are all connected by Mana. Mana is a life force and spirit that surrounds us. “You can see it. Touch it. Taste it. Feel it.“ And from the moment visitors arrive, they will understand why locals say the islands are embraced by Mana.
Mana is a mythical and essential concept, a fundamental truth. It’s both tangible and intangible, expressive yet imperceptible, revealing but enigmatic, so natural but also mysterious and esoteric.
Mana lives, animates, raises up, ennobles and transcends every thing, every being, every element in every dimension; it can also annihilate, ruin and destroy until the last vital vibration. Mana is purity, it arises from the life, humility, respect, dignity, love, sharing, beauty, goodness and peace of the beings and things that merge harmoniously in this ma’ohi universe.
Mana is wisdom; it emanates from the empirical, technical and ancestral knowledge, from the common sense arising out of the inalienable link between man and his environment, from the faith in the divine, the state of grace that every thing and every being can reach through a spiritual, cultural and profane quest for the universal Mana, the promise to be reborn wiser, purer and more powerful.