In the Lap of Luxury

The choice of “elite” tourism

The constraint of international air capacity prohibits a “mass positioning” (generalist) of the Islands of Tahiti, with low added value (the price level of tickets necessitating the avoidance of competition on prices with nearby destinations, closer to source markets).

Customers are therefore being sought with a high level of contribution with which French Polynesia is best able to underline its strengths, in a perspective of sustainable tourism and quality. The destination is therefore positioned as a high valueadded destination on a series of products directed towards these key segments. This strategic choice does not, however, lead to the development of luxury accommodation infrastructure alone (see our report on the “homestay” offering). It also relies on the construction of a complete and integrated offer of products and activities, in relation to the expectations of the markets and consistent with the positioning «Human Nature» (ecological and chic), of the destination.

A broad range of luxury resorts and hotels is thus at the heart of the offering, and while many think of French Polynesia as the “Honeymoon” destination, thanks to its over-water bungalows, hotel management and tourism professionals are today making a strong push to encourage travel professionals to place the Islands of Tahiti as a high-end family or couples destination, with a very strong emphasis on culture and cuisine, along with water sports and other on-land activities.

Tourism authorities are also strongly emphasising the fact that other types of luxury accommodation are highly desirable: other types of bungalows – beach or garden bungalows, or even mountain getaways. There are also other types of luxury accommodation such as villas, that can appeal to a group or friends or multigenerational families, giving them more independence and freedom.