Dive In!

There are dozens of unique dive sites around each island and atoll and expert certified dive operators will take care of all the details. Dives and activities can be arranged in advance by your preferred travel professional or through your resort or cruise ship.

Diving with a helmet gives you the opportunity to take an aquatic excursion to a depth of four metres. This activity does not require any level of diving skills or knowledge of classic diving equipment because your helmet is constantly connected to the surface. Accompanied by a qualified instructor, those who journey downwards explore the depths of the sea at their own pace, walking through the fields of coral.

Fun and very accessible, the underwater scooter requires no diving experience. Just like their land-based versions, underwater scooters are propelled by electric motors, to a depth of three metres, and can seat two passengers who can talk using a communal dome. This activity is available in Bora Bora.

Every year, from July to November, humpback whales migrate from the icy waters of the Antarctic where they feed to the warm waters of the shores of The Islands Of Tahiti. It is the ideal place to give birth and breed, sheltered from their predators. The adults measure between 15 to 18 metres. The calves measure about 4.5 metres at birth.
Since May 2002, all whales of French Polynesia are protected. Although you can spot them from any island, Rurutu is a good location for whale watching.

Two main turtle species live in French Polynesia and are easily encountered in some dive spots. The green turtle owes its name to the colour of its flesh and fat.
Carnivorous, they are often found searching for small sponges stuck under rocks. They move these rocks using their front legs. Numerous consciousnessraising campaigns are promoted in French Polynesia to ensure their conservation.

In Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora, glass-bottom boats and aquascopes, a panoramic room situated under the bridge of the boat, make it possible to discover things hidden under the surface of the lagoon while staying dry. It’s a totally original adventure that provides great opportunities to photograph aquatic landscapes. Small underwater vehicles are the ideal means of transport to go down 50 metres deep, and observe in detail the underwater depths without getting wet.


  • More than 20 species of shark can be observed in the waters of French Polynesia.
  • French Polynesia is a perfect place to take photographs – the underwater clarity and visibility are excellent.
  • Many dive centres work with an underwater cameraman, who will join your group and create a customised DVD.


  • 27° C Average water temperature
  • 1000+ Species of marine life
  • 30 metres underwater visibility
  • 20+ Friendly shark species