Brussels Airport is back and growing stronger than ever. In 2015, the airport was welcoming a record of 23.5 million passengers. Traffic declined last year to 21.8 million passengers after the site’s tragic terrorist attack, but is bouncing back: 59% of the passengers come outside from Belgium with 33% of all air travelers flying for business purposes. From January to October, the airport received 15.5% more passengers than last year. It is likely to overpass 25 million passengers this year.

In a recent interview, Léon Verhallen, Brussels Airport’s head of aviation development recognised that airport authorities have been “impressed with how resilient the market has been and the confidence given by all airlines to restore their original operations as soon as possible.”

New long-haul carriers such as Hainan Airlines to Shanghai or next April Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong are making Brussels an attractive hub. In just 12 months, six airlines and 17 new destinations have been secured. The airport is targeting 40 million passengers by year 2040.