Small Luxury Hotels has released a report from Trendwatching.com looking forward to luxury travel trends for 2018 and beyond. They have identified five consumer trends that will shape luxury travel. From the demand for personalised leisure (HANDS-ON LUXE) to new spheres of inner discovery (SPIRITUAL STORIES), new challenges and tremendous opportunities lie ahead for those battling to surprise and delight travellers in the next 12 months. The trends are as follows: 1. HANDS-ON LUXE 2. SPIRITUAL STORIES 3. NOVEL GAZING 4. NIGHT NURSES 5. INTUITIVE DINING

So just how will luxury travellers break free from the masses and do something radically different in 2018? By getting their hands dirty and working on their vacation and ensuring that every element of their experience is just so: from creating their own personalised ambiance to catching their own dinner, travellers want to co-design their own experience. Counterintuitive? Sure. Yet when done right, independently minded travellers can earn their way to richer, more evocative memories.

You can find the entire report on the SLH.com website. And in the next pages, you’ll also find a selection of important news and information that will shape the coming year.